5 Outfit Ideas To Ensure You Stand Out In The Crowd

Let’s be honest here, don’t we all want to look like one of the perfectly styled bloggers that just attended the New York Fashion Week? Don’t they look good in everything? They mix and match all kinds of prints, wear colors that nobody else dares to wear, they do it all, and pull the outfit off well! I mean who can wear a pair of pants on top of a pair of pants? Wearing cute dresses and an expensive pair of heels is not that difficult but pants on pants almost seems impossible. So let’s get reading and figure out how to wear these odd outfits.

Grab A Scarf And Wrap It Around Your Head

Wanna look a bit more french? Well, Go get yourself a nice silky headscarf and wear it like Caro Daur, Reese Blutstein or Tori Nasir. You might think it makes you look like an old lady but it won’t, Promised! Expose some hair in the front, put your favorite pair of sunglasses on and you’re good. You can wear it with pants, dresses or skirts, whatever you’re just wearing is fine! And if you wanna be extra, buy a baguette and tuck it under your arm.

I mean come on, Doesn’t it look cute?


Pants Under Skirts Is A Thing

We have seen some great layering at the Proenza Schouler show, Layering is cool and pretty simple. You can layer almost anything. A skirt with pants may sound odd because usually you would wear tights or nothing under your skirts or dresses, right? But why not a pair of pants? Just pick your favorite pair of slightly flared pants and go for it! You can choose almost any pair of pants, the longer and looser the better! There is just one rule, no leggings.



Be Casual In Safari Gear

We’ll start with an easy one, if you wanna look cool but well dressed but still feel comfortable, here is something for you. We’ve seen some famous bloggers like Xenia Adonts or Evangelie Smyrniotaki at New York Fashion Week this season wearing Safari style jackets, shirts, and overalls. If you like the classic look and want to enhance your masculine site, the safari look is for you! Just wear a safari jacket with some cargo pants and you are good to go! It’s super easy to wear and it is so practical! You can put your phone in one pocket and your lipstick in another. Pockets are great and with this style we can say: “the more pockets, the better”.



Long Skirts Are Always Cool

If you like long skirts but not so much paired with pants, it’s ok you don’t have to do it, just put your usual tights on. Not to worry, there are other trendy options. You can keep it simple and wear a long blazer or turtle neck on top and a pair of flats as we have seen at The Row. Or you can wear a cute pair of kitten heels with it, if you want to spice it up a little bit like Yoshinomia did, put a pair of heeled boots on.



The Tiniest Bag Ever

You have to love it because it is so cute and small and you probably want to own one if you don’t already do, but do we need it? Maybe not… we can probably agree that it’s not the most practical bag. Women usually carry their whole lives in their handbags and with this one we can’t. There are some bags so tiny that you can only manage to put your credit card in. I guess we don’t want that but fortunately most of our spotted bloggers like Vanessa Hong aka The Haute Pursuit carry small bags that fit a bit more inside than just a credit card. Despite the impracticality of the tiny bags we have fallen in love with them and you don’t have to do much to make them look good. They are definitely an eye catcher, especially when you don’t want to dress up! Just wear a pair of jeans and a sweater, just throw your little bag over your shoulder and you’re good to go.