Open your mind: 3 ways to wear the backless trend

Backless tops and dresses are not anything new to us ladies. They first appeared in the 20’s and since then, they have given mild performances every decade until the 90’s when they emerged again, in a big way, when girl power became a slogan that encouraged and celebrated women’s empowerment, independence, and confidence. It was the one and only Carrie Bradshaw who impacted the style during those years as well as the iconic girls band Spice Girls, Hally Barrie, Kate Moss and many other strong and beautiful women.

Since summer has been burning us up and we’re thinking about wearing light fabrics, shorts and airy outfits, this trend is just on point for us. There are new open back pieces popping up everywhere we look, but which are the right ones for this summer?

Different kinds of brands (from high fashion to street style) are embracing this contemporary look and work to merge between different styles to creates new exciting open back details. The world of backless style can be divided into three types of women. The vacation style girls like to wear open back dresses or small tops with denim or shorts while the “ultra smart” girl finds the most interesting detail sexy strappy back piece, buys high-quality fabrics and new silhouette. Last but not least, the elegant lady likes to wear it as a day to night tight outfit.

We did our research on the prettiest backless tops and dresses that can inspire your next good investment. Scroll down to see some sexy back option for this summer.




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