Capsule Wardrobe: Summer Edition

Finally, it’s July and it’s summertime! Great timing to refresh our wardrobe and incorporate, airy and colorful pieces that will make us want to dance till the sun drops in the late summer evenings (with a glass of sangria in one hand, of course). But before we start, please read our first article about capsule wardrobe here if you haven’t yet, because it covers all the basics any girl would need to have in their wardrobe.

Summer outfits are my personal favorite because each piece always reminds me of certain event or feeling during the summer. Regardless of where you live, in mild summer or hot summer climates, I’ve listed down some summer basics that can be worn in both situations. However, we need to first start with the materials. Materials hold a crucial role when it comes to summer clothes. Especially when the humidity gets higher, you’ll be thankful for wearing more natural fibres that are breathable and able to keep you cool such as linen, cotton, rayon, modal, and tencel. Try to avoid polyester fabric as much as you can.

Now let’s go the summer pieces you’d need to have in your wardrobe this season. Please remember that the purpose of having a capsule wardrobe is not about curating what’s trending at this moment, but rather building the core pieces for you to be able to mix and match, and create different outfits each time. These are 9 staple items that will help you achieve that.

1. That comfy cotton tee

This is without any doubt the most important summer basic that everyone must have in their wardrobe! Providing the ultimate comfort, and you can always dress it up or down in so many different ways! You can also wear it loose fit or tight to the body as Barbara Kristoffersen wears here. As long as it’s made of the breathable materials as I mentioned before, and you’ll be fine in summer!


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H&M, V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt
Style Addict, Tee White

2. Not-so-basic tank tops

We do all probably have that basic camisole in our wardrobe. But why don’t try to have some more fun variations of it? Like the ribbed cotton tanks or some feminine frills!



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Sezane, Hermine Top

3. The loose-fitting shirt

You would need a shirt not only just in case you’d have to run for a meeting, but a shirt can also make a fun layering piece when you need extra coverage. Like the way London blogger Masha style her shirt over a silky dress here, and le parisienne Lea Elisabeth style it over her swimsuit.


You can also steal it from your boyfriend’s wardrobe for that cool, oversized look.


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4. That sultry silk slip dress

There is always a debate about wearing silk in summer. While it’s not really the most breathable fabric, it is still what you’ll want to wear if you’re dressing up for a special event or when you’re going for a summer date. Did I mention that silk is the most beautiful fabric when being hit by the sun? Trust me, it will make you feel like a goddess.

& Other Stories, Satin Midi Slip Dress
Reformation, Minerva Dress

5. A pretty little summer dress

This is my favorite part of any summer wardrobe: the summer dress. There is no limit for the style, it’s all up to you! But stalking at the chic-est French girls, they love to wear vintage-inspired (or vintage indeed) wrap dresses and some floral of course. Let the dresses be the fun part of your wardrobe because, in my opinion, there’s no limit regarding what color would last the test of time for summer dresses. Be it lilac, pistachio, yellow, pink, pick the ones that you know would make you feel happy in it for years to come.


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With Jean, Audrey Dress

6. That hero cardigan

You will always need a cardigan in summer to keep you warm during the summer nights. It doesn’t have to be thick, better the ones that you can fold easily into your bag so you can just put in on whenever you need it.


You can also wear the cardigan as a top on its own like Jessica Alizzi here. She paired it with denim shorts and it looks so effortless!

& Other Stories, Cropped Cardigan

7. Easy breezy shorts

Denim shorts are indeed a summer staple. But let me add one more: an airy white or beige short! It is so heavenly and practical to wear because you can basically pair it with any kind of top.

& Other Stories, Cotton Lyocell Blend Shorts
Mango, Modal-blend Short

8. It’s a wrap midi skirt

Why? Not only because it’s so quick and easy to wear with any tops you want, but you can also wear it over your swimsuit or bikini just like Constance Arnoult did.


And a plus point, it has this magic to make your legs look longer and slimmer!



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& Other Stories, Floral Ruffled Midi Wrap Skirt
Rouje, Gloria Skirt

9. A flattering swimsuit

The last summer staple piece you need to have in your wardrobe is nothing else but of course, a good swimsuit. This is up to your preference, a bikini set or one-piece, or both. I would suggest investing in a higher quality swimsuit so that it will last for more summers to come.

H&M, Swimsuit with Belt
& Other Stories, O-Ring Belted Swimsuit


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