All the coats and jackets you need right now

With all due respect to the warm breeze, the beach and chill music, there’s no doubt that the best seasons in the fashion industry are the cold ones. True fashion lovers know that fall-winter is their time to shine, and constantly nurture their coats and jackets wardrobe. Last year we all drowned in a sea of faux fur, leopard print and puffy coats, and even though these trends aren’t going anywhere, we found some new players that are taking over the fashion field. You’ve might see them here and there, but they undoubtably ruled the runways and the street style during the last fashion month, so now we know for sure – the next 4 trends are here to stay.


Nylon and plastic

One of the most refreshing trend is definitely nylon or plastic coats. Even though this trend come and goes every few seasons, it never really gained momentum like its other coat friends. This season it seems like nylon and plastic are getting another chance to become the hottest stars in the cold seasons, and we’re here for it.




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Snake print

As mentioned, leopard print is the biggest trend of them all right now, and it got out of control the past few months. We used to combine it in few items, but today it’s all over the place. Not that we’re complaining, but we’re a little bit over it. Well, the snake print came just in time and its safe to say that it’s the new leopard (yes, with all that this implies). We’ll probably get over it pretty soon, but the giraffe print is right around the corner for that moment.


Extra oversize

If you think you saw the biggest version of your clothes, think again. Jacquemus gave us the massive hat and beach bag, and now we’re happy to introduce you the next big thing (literally) – extra oversize coats and jackets. Forget about body silhouette and get into a Kanye West “I like it” vibe. These coats and jackets are confusing and fascinating at the same time, but they sure do look warming.



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Plaid print

If you walk on the street and don’t see someone wearing a plaid jacket, are you really walking on the street? Probably not, because if there’s something in the fashion industry that you can define as the new black, its plaid print. You can combine this trend with everything you want, especially now that mix print is a must. Are you already obsessed? You should, because This type of coat or jacket will be a checkmate in your closet.