5 trends that will make you jump on the next flight to Copenhagen

Every season before Copenhagen Fashion Week, I get this excited feeling and butterflies in my stomach like I’m about to meet the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Only in real life, I’m about to witness the Danish masters, who can pull off any growing trend, embrace it and present innovative styling ideas both down the runway and rocking it on street style outfits.

It’s no secret that every year more bloggers, editors and photographers from around the world attend the CPHFW and it became one of the most popular fashion weeks to look for. So what we had this week; from the hair clips – the trend that has been flooding our IG feeds for the past few months, to very oversized jackets and coats, from color combos and prints you could never dream they will match to chunky hiking boots and colorful vintage square sunglasses.

Not only did the Scandinavian girls step up their game, but on the runway, we also spotted innovative productions like Stine Goya’s unconventional runway which became a dancing show, Holzweiler’s non-phone show and the coolest hip-hop soundtrack on ROTATE Birger Christensen.

If you didn’t realize by now that you should have attended CPHFW, know that the guests got some surprising treats – the 90’s famous game Tamagotchi, a popcorn box covered faux fur on the Stand show and the unique table setting of “apple and catalog” at Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s show, which also chose the beautiful Thorvaldsens Museum as the location. It seems like the good ideas never stop coming to the brilliant Danish mind.

For all the hot trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week and inspirational styling tips for the new season, scroll down to see how a Scandi girl hit it like a rockstar.

The kingdom of mixing

There is no doubt that Danish girls are the pros of mix and match with their unbelievable colors, prints, and patterns. One of the most outstanding stylists ruling this domain is Emili Sindlev, who can make any match possible. For more inspirational ideas of how you can blend your closet, check it out.


Vintage Square Sunglasses

Those shades popped up over CPHFW in multiple colors. Even on super cold weather, it can make your look shine. Linn Eklund, Fanny Ekstrand, Nina Sandbech, and more Scandinavian girls know how to elevate their look with these super chic sunglasses.


Very oversized jackets and coats

There is nothing better than a huge oversized coat/jacket wrapping you on a freezing day, and if you manage to stay in style, you GOT it all. From puffer to padded shoulder blazers to faux fur coat; Every upper layer you can consider “oversized” was there.




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Chunky hiking boots

This trend has never left the building. Those hiking boots have been with us for the past two seasons, and yet the styling ideas like Maren Schia, Vanessa Hong and others make it feel so fresh each and every time.


Obviously the hair clip

This trend is spreading across Instagram these days from the smallest accounts to the biggest, apparently bloggers in the Danish capital are stepping the hair clip game to a whole new level, like Marianne Theodorsen who rocks this trend all over her feed. For more ideas take a look at how they did it at Copenhagen fashion week.


Edit by: Adiel Davis