Create Your Napping Nook: Bedrooms Inspired by Instagram

When I come home from a long day, the first thing I want to do is curl up into bed. My bed is a haven, full of comfort and coziness, but it hasn’t always been that way.
A while ago, I used to always come home to a mess. There was something unsettling about walking into my bedroom with an unmade bed, clothes everywhere, plants wilting on the bedside table, mugs scattered around.
So I transformed my bedroom into a place of tranquillity and comfort – something that represents me. Who I am. It needed to feel as cozy and homely as a hug. Here are four tips for you to do that, too.
Whether you’re going to create this corner of your room for reading, watching Netflix, writing in your journal or most importantly of all, napping… we have great décor tips inspired by Instagram so you can create your perfect napping nook.

1. Put Your Bed in the Corner

This can be the key ingredient to create the coziest feeling. Putting your bed in the corner helps you feel surrounded which is ideal for napping. Combined with our next decorating tips, corner beds will help you to create the napping nook you’ve always dreamed about.


The best beds to fit into your corner will be the more minimal ones. Any bed from getting Laid Beds will do the trick. Plus, lots of them provide extra storage.



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2. Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most important steps in any décor project, whether that’s your kitchen or your napping nook. A great tip is to keep the main items neutral. For example, your wall color, bedframe, and nightstand. Then when you want to switch up the colors depending on the season, all you have to do is change your bedding and add some little extra items.


This color scheme is kept to a minimal neutral tone but because of the elegant pieces of furniture and décor, it adopts an unforgettable look.


Here we have all white with a splash of pale pink, which makes for a super cute addition to any bedroom.


Brands like Dormify let you create your ultimate napping nook with their online build-a-bed option. You can choose from premade colour schemes, or mix and match items to create your own.



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3. Get The Lighting Right

Imagine the rain pattering against the window while you watch your favorite movie or read a new book. The ambience is almost right. What makes it perfect, though, is lighting. Equip your napping nook with perfect bedside lamps, fairy lights, and candles.


These fairy lights take this napping nook to a whole new level.


Transport yourself to outer space with unique lamps, like this one from Elysian Lamps. Adding pieces like this will help your napping nook to stand out, and create bedroom envy for all your Instagram followers.
Of course, natural light is important, too. So rearrange your room so that your bed glows in the beam of natural light.


4. Blankets, Blankets and More Blankets

Our last, but definitely not least, tip is: blankets. As winter creeps in and snow start to fall, blankets help you to feel snug and warm.


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Treat yourself to a hooded blanket, made of fluffy Sherpa fabric to keep you at the perfect cozy temperature all winter long. With the hood and added button, you’ll complete your napping nook.


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With these four easy tips, you’re never going to want to leave your bed again. Get ready to create the perfect cozy corner in your house.


Author: Beth McCallum