Keep it bold, do it in gold: Current jewelry obsession

You’re standing in front of the mirror one minute before leaving your house, but something’s missing.  You’re wearing your white buttoned shirt and your khaki shorts, but still you feel like you forgot something:  Jewels.

If you wish to elevate your outfit, you should definitely add a piece of jewelry. I know it’s pretty obvious that by adding accessories you can upgrade your look, but our job is to help you make the right decision, so you would look bright and be on trend.

There are so many new jewelry brands which have been flooding our Instagram lately and I must admit they all have quite impressive feeds. This summer, it seems, everyone is obsessed with gold and pearls (sometimes even together) . Check out the new jewelry trends which will help you look rich and incredibly stylish.


Abstract Forms and Faces

These surrealist statement pieces are here to stay. This summer we’re seeing some new exciting designs with pearls and diamonds embellishments. A pair of such earrings will make you feel like you’re the only one in the world who owns it.


Alphabet Gold

It’s always fun to have a jewelry that represents who you are. lucky for us, it’s trendy right now.


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Raw Pearls

If you are an Instagram addict like me, you probably came across many versions of different pearl pieces from necklaces to earring, from sandals to bags. What I love about the new diverse pearls we see everywhere (from Zara to Celine) is that they come with a twist. Unlike the classic Coco Chanel pearl necklace, today’s designers are creating exciting and inspirational pearl pieces. Their pearls are raw which gives a surprise dimension to this traditional style of jewelry which suddenly became chic.


Mixing with Gold

The best way to style a pearl necklace is by wearing a dip V neck shirt. You don’t have to go and purchase three new necklaces, you can simply combine your grandmother’s necklaces with a new one and create your own unique neck line.



Shells Story

There is something magical when you wear something raw which hasn’t changed its original form. Some brands found the most esthetic way to embed shells in bracelets, necklaces or earrings.