3 Hair Accessories That Will Turn Every Bad Hair Day Around

You don’t need to be a fashion insider to have noticed these major hair trends that have been everywhere on your feed right now. Doing my hair has always been one of my biggest struggles in the morning- and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. A woman’s hairstyle says a lot about her and so hair accessories can be your number one solution to instantly make your hair look nice and elevate your outfit at the same time. There are multiple cool ideas all over Instagram; it started with the hair clip to a hair band, silk scarf, and scrunchies (which I, personally, can’t get enough of). Also, with summer approaching and the temperatures just getting warmer, these hair accessories are the perfect way to keep your hair away from your face for a more refreshed feel.

On those days when the minimal outfits, beige tones, and natural fabrics are taking a big part of our wardrobe, your hairstyle can be the perfect way to give that neutral vibe you’re going for an extra boost.

We’ve collected some of our favorite hairstyles we’ve seen on Instagram for you to look through so that you can pick whichever suits you best.

Silk Headscarf

On The Street Vibe the romance never dies, so to us a silk headscarf is the cutest accessory of all and just perfect for springtime. You can tie it in so many ways: bow, on a low bun, long/short scarf and headband. You can suit it to your hair length and hair type, you can also add some prints and colors to your outfit. There are endless opportunities to create a vintage French-style look.

H&H, Scarf/hairband


H&H, 2-pack Hairbands


The 90’s major throwback which I can never seem to get sick of. I am madly in love with this effortless style! Even though Carrie Bradshaw made fun of them I still think they are super cool.  Tie your hair in a high or low pony and keep your hair loose.

H&M, 2-pack Scrunchies
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Hair Clip

There is not much to say as we already mentioned the viral trend of the season on our latest items. This trend is everywhere in so many styles and ways. So, we picked the most inspirational hairstyle clip that you just need to buy and give a try.

& Other Stories, Open-Frame Hair Clip



Edits by: Ariela Levy