How To Select & Where To Buy Chic, Affordable Artworks For Your Home

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Blank walls often demand more than just the paint they were originally destined to carry. In our homes, bare spaces call for moments of color, shape, and form, for instances of texture, light and shade—they implore us to visualize something to adorn them. At times like these, we should look to art.


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So how do you select the right artwork for the right space? Although I’m certain that some artworks are just plain wrong, the most important thing when buying art is to choose something that is right for you. Buy what you like. Your budding art collection is an extension of you, and in my opinion, is at its best when curated and acquired as thoughtfully as the clothes you wear. Although, if you’re feeling a bit uncertain about where to begin, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Firstly, set some realistic boundaries for yourself, what is the size of the space you’re working with? Measure and decide on how many works and what sized works you’re looking to purchase. Secondly, create a moodboard. Because, why not? They’re fun and practical and somewhat directional. Fill them with the colorways and styles of art you like. Thirdly, be conscious of your budget, but also equally conscious of valuing the work of artists. They work really hard to create beautiful things that you’ll treasure for years—even generations—to come.


What comes next is all up to you. There are many ways to find chic and affordable artworks, but I’m going to narrow it down to a few sure-fire ways of finding something absolutely wonderful.

Seek out young and emerging artists

Discovering an artist whose work resonates with you is really exciting, and if they’re new to the art game, even better. Whether you find them in person or online, note down their names, because there’s a good chance they have a website with a small online store waiting to make something yours. If not, reach out with an idea in mind and discuss the possibility of a commission. I’m also an advocate of going down the Instagram rabbit hole and seeing where it leads. To name a few, my picks of who to watch include Aretha Brown, Bronte Leighton-Dore, Claudia Smith, Delta Venus, Jessie Nash, and Sasha Podgurska.



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Add to cart while browsing online art platforms

If you thought your online shopping addiction was bad enough, prepare yourself for Tappan Collective, Exhibition A and Modern Times—three divinely curated online art retailers. Featuring works of some of the best up and coming artists, prepare yourself to fall in love more than once.


Enquire with chic, independent commercial galleries

Galleries exist for a number of important reasons, but most notably to provide the smoothest and most trusted way of acquiring a new piece of art.

Jerico Contemporary is a Sydney-based gallery in Australia paving the way forward for both young artists and collectors. Representing an impressive array of emerging artists, the gallery is devoted to nurturing an art culture that’s accessible and approachable to all—with artworks also available to view online, worldwide.


The Dot Project is based in Notting Hill, London. This innovative arts space is known for supporting a number of emerging contemporary artists and acting as a supportive test bed for young practitioners.’s

New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood, LA, is an artist-run venue committed to ‘exhibiting the under-represented and cultivating new artistic possibilities’ by showing a diverse stable of emerging to mid-career contemporary artists.


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Keep a lookout for posters online, in gallery gift shops and vintage stores

Collecting posters and art prints from your favorite exhibitions at gallery gift shops is an inexpensive way to gather large scale pieces for your home. While scouring secondhand and vintage stores, make sure to flick through the stacks of framed artworks as you never know what you might find. There’s also a wide variety of beautiful posters online from places like The Poster Shop. I’m sure a treasured memento will reveal itself to you soon.


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Author: Chloe Borich