10 secret ingredients to make your instagram feed the most fashionable

Do you ever wonder how our favorite fashion influencers always manage to give us an endless source of inspiration? They always seem to have this effortlessly perfect style with a flair from head to toe, which shows through their photos. While there is no formal class where you can go and learn how to create the perfect, fashionable instagram feed, we are here to share with you some magic ingredients to transform your feed into one! You are very welcome.

Here we collected 10 photo ideas that you can try to recreate, starting today!

1. The Gucci tights

Show them off by either letting these interlocking G tights peek out from what you are wearing at that moment, or go all out and show your legs in them, guaranteed they will instantly grab everyone’s attention.


2. Drink your coffee

We all know coffee with its perfect latte art has always been one of the most instagrammable photo objects since the very beginning. But there is something about the unedited, imperfect, empty coffee cups, that is so real and inviting. It is like giving others a little taste of our everyday life.


3. Those dramatic sleeves

Since the ‘80’s were back in fashion BIG time in 2018, this trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. You can find these pieces not only from cult favorite brands such as Orseund Iris, Pixie Market, Revolve, among others, but also, of course in your mom’s closet. So if you happen to have them, raise your arms and spread the drama!


4. Hair clips and bows

Yes, the hair clip trend is taking Instagram by storm right now. From pearl embellished ones, to logo clips, and even bows! But the tip here is that you can either be a minimalist by wearing only one or two of them, or be a maximalist like these London bloggers Olivia and Alice who are rocking multiple clips in their hair!


A hair bow also looks very sweet and effortless when you make movements with your hair.


5. Cotton ribbed tank

Who else here cannot wait any longer for summer? This cotton ribbed tank from RE/DONE is our next wardrobe staple. You can wear it as a layering piece like Barbara Kristoffersen does, or rock it on its own like a boss.


6. Belt your blazer

2018 was all about oversized blazers. While this trend is still going strong this year, right now it’s about belting it up and accentuating your waist! Either you belt it nice and sleek like Lena Maria S does here, make a knot, or wear a wide statement belt instead, the outfit will speak “power” on itself.


7. Mirror selfie

Mirror mirror, who’s the most fashionable of them all? The trick here is to make it look as natural and effortless as possible, as if you just stumbled upon a mirror and took a spontaneous snap with your phone. You can do it by either showing your full outfit like blogger Lindsey Holland did, or just share a little glimpse of it like Vivian Hoorn and Laurence Fortin-Cote.


8. Peeking necklace(s)

Let your inner bling shine through. Our favorite styling tips are to pair a statement necklace with heavier clothing pieces such as blazers and coats, and the dainty ones with delicate clothing pieces like silk or cotton shirts.


9. What’s on your clothing rack

There is something so satisfying about seeing those perfectly, color-coordinated clothes hanging on the rack. It will make a nice picture that can add some variation into your feed, and show a little peek of your living space.


10. Eyes on shoes

Shoes are often overlooked on regular outfit posts. That is why we need to dedicate some posts to give them the proper spotlight they so much deserve! Because every fashion girl will agree, great shoes are art on their own.