It’s 90’s vibe: how to rock it in 2019

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Shall we all agree that the whole 90’s vibe has been coming back in full force this year? Something about that era feels so nostalgic for us, the millennials. I keep seeing the 90’s fashion trends circulating all over Instagram, from the comeback of pastel colors, baguette bags, chunky shoes, hair clips and hairbands, and coordinated sets (we call it co-ords, to be short).

So how to dress up like a 90’s babe? Let’s break it down together.

Pastel colors

We have already talked several times about pastel colors, but it never hurts to talk briefly about it as a refreshment! The most popular colors that I’ve seen lately on Instagram are pink, lilac, mint or pistachio green, baby blue and yellow.


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And if you’re ready to take it to the next level, make it match the color of your iphone.



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Storets, Siena Boyfriend Blazer in Candy Color
&Other Stories, Puff Sleeves Ruffle Dress
&Other Stories, Belted Overlap Mini Skirt

Baguette bags

It’s safe to say that this is the it-bag of the moment. We’ve seen a lot of vintage designer baguette bags worn effortlessly by our favorite girls on Instagram, like Anne-Laure Mais, Vivian Hoorn, Emma Rose, and many more. Although it won’t fit a French baguette inside, surely it will fit most of your essentials like a wallet, phone, and a little bit of makeup for quick touch-ups on the go.


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Shopbop, Woke Newbie Mini Baguette
H&M, Suede Shoulder Bag
&Other Stories, Croc Baguette Brown

Chunky shoes

The 90’s was famous for its chunky soles and mary jane shoes. So why not make a statement with your shoes? They add quite a few inches to your height and are definitely more comfortable to walk on compared to the regular heels.


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Shopbop, Michael Kors Fiona Platform Sandals
H&M, Platform Boots
H&M, Chunky-soled Sandals

Hairclips and hairbands

Since we already talked about the hairclips trend before, so now let’s talk about hairbands! Apart from being our saviour during the bad hair days, it also has the ability to put together an outfit. The ones I’ve seen being popular on Instagram at the moment are the padded hairbands, look at how they complete the outfits here!

&Other Stories, Chunky Satin Alice Headband Black
&Other Stories, Chunky Satin Alice Headband Pink
H&M, Padded Velvet Headband

Co-ords aka matching sets

Here comes my favorite 90’s trend for 2019! the co-ords. I believe this style was inspired heavily by the classic Chanel signature as well as the Clueless series from the 90’s. I personally find co-ords very irresistible and versatile because you can wear it both casual and more dressed-up.


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Storets, Taylor Tweed Two Piece Set
Revolve, Song of Style Gala Top
Storets, Nova Cable Knit Two Piece Set