What to wear when summer is almost over

Isn’t it bittersweet, to realize that summer is coming to an end soon? The long days, the sound of the waves, salty hair, picnic by the river, I hope all of you have been collecting so many good memories! And now in late August, while the temperature in some places might still be warm. Sadly this is not really the case where I live in northern Europe. It is sometimes warm and sunny, but the wind could be quite chilly, and some days are just raining non-stop. It is truly a confusing period for anyone who wants to look stylish and decently weather-appropriate at the same time. Does it sound familiar to you? I am here to share with you some fashion tips to cope with this weather dilemma.

Most of my inspiration came from the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week (if you don’t know about it yet, you can check it in our street style gallery? You’ll love it.).

Wear midi-longer dresses

I know it’s hard to say goodbye to mini dresses when the weather is no longer as pleasant. Although we can still wear them with tights in order to feel warmer, save those tights for real autumn 😉 Because, in this late summer period, longer dresses will be the hero piece’s that will keep you feel warmer while still looking feminine and elegant.



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Storets, Ellie Long Floral Dress
Pixie Market, Simone Grey Belted Midi Dress
Other Stories, Linen Midi Wrap Dress

Layer it up

I’ve mentioned before in my summer capsule wardrobe article, how cardigans make one of the pieces every girl should have in their closet. These days, I wear cardigans almost every day as it gives me a bit of extra warmth. And in case it gets warm, you can just easily tie it across your waist or your shoulders. So practical! Other layering pieces that will work well too are denim jackets and light blazers.


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H&M, Double Breasted Blazer
H&M, Ribbed Knit Cardigan
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When it rains..

Do you know that we are so blessed to have many stylish raincoat options these days? Most of them can still look chic being worn as a regular jacket and they mostly are made of thinner material so you don’t have to be worried to feel like you’re in a sauna.



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 Another chic alternative would be faux leather jacket like worn by Vivian Hoorn and Claire Rose here. Plus, it’s a perfect option to wear a bucket hat or a hair scarf to protect your well-styled hair while wearing a hoodless coat!

H&M, Patterned Raincoat
Stutterheim, Mosebacke Raincoat Tobacco

Welcome back trousers!

I can’t count how many times I reach out to my loose trousers during this period. Because unlike denim, these trousers are so airy, yet still manage to give the extra warmth that I need. Plus, these vintage cut trousers are still having its moment this year!

Storets, Emory Front Tuck Pants
Pixie Market, Tan Tencel Wide Leg Pants
Other Stories, Stretch Cotton Culotte Trousers

Semi-open shoes

If it’s already getting too cold to wear open sandals (the hardest one for me, is to say goodbye to my strappy heels), but don’t be sad yet because there are still some chic options of semi-open shoes!



Zara, Slingbacks with Kittenheels
Miista, Noa Woven Pumps
Other Stories, Square Toe Leather Lace Up Flats


Lastly, enjoy the last piece of summer, before it truly ends!