Bold not Basic: How to NAIL color in your outfit

We teleported back in time to the 90’s and spotted a lot of color on the streets. Personally, we thought that some of the trends making a come back would stay in the 90’s; however, not all are bad. Some beauty gurus may look to artist Christina Aguilera for blue eyeshadow vibe while I have my grandmother to thank for teaching me the best way to add a bold and colorful statement to an outfit.


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If you really want to attract attention you can wear one bright colorful outfit. You may be familiar with the current terms straight off the runway like ‘bluefit’(blue outfit) or ‘grofit’ (grey outfit) or ‘redfit’ (red outfit). Which literally means every piece of clothing or accessory is one color.

Nail polish is definitely underrated. It is so easy and mindless to throw a coat of paint on your nails and by no means does it have to look perfect. The Scandinavian kingdom of girls have broken out of the basic stereotype of minimal aesthetic and natural colors, and moved towards pastel combos take Signe Nortoft or Anne Johannsen for example. We also saw Marianne Theodorsen and Chloe Monchamp with all sorts of bright colors on their nails. The best part is that each nail does not need to match and it still goes with every outfit. We love this light-hearted and fun-spirited trend because it lets our inner girly girl shine through.


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The light blue eyeshadow was just the start of an era. Nowadays, professionals use any color not solely the blue and you can, too. If you want to go for a more subtle look, you can tone down it down with colored eyeliner instead of an intense eyeshadow. Take Gala Gonzalez and Karen Wazen Bakhazi for ideas. Either way you choose, be sure to show the look on instagram because it is extremely hot right now. Scroll down to see how some of our favorite gals use color to make their outfits pop.


Edit by: Adiel Davis