How to Spend One Day in Amsterdam

What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word Amsterdam? A city of endless pretty little canals, the blurred line between daylife and nightlife, good cheese and fries (of course), and unique quirky museums that are waiting to be explored. While the city is not as big as other capital cities in Europe like Paris or London, there are still so many things to do in Amsterdam! And since I live not far from this city, I go to Amsterdam pretty often. So now, I would like to break down what a day in Amsterdam is like, and what to do if you only have one day to visit this city.

A good day starts with a good brunch

Don’t you agree? There are so many cute cafe options in Amsterdam wherever you go along the canals. You can experience the Parisian vibe in cafe George Amsterdam, the atmosphere there really reminds me of a French bistro!



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Another option, which actually is my favourite, is to enjoy brunch in a hotel cafe! There is something sophisticated about it. Another plus point, normally the service is great, and the atmosphere is calmer too. The favorites in Amsterdam are hotel Mercier, Amstel Amsterdam, and the Pulitzer Amsterdam.



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Treat your eyes and nose in the floating flower market

So after our stomachs are happy, it’s the turn for our eyes and nose to be pampered! Take a walk along the canals from the central station deeper towards the center, it is really easy to find due to its colorful contrast with the surrounded buildings. This floating flower market has been around since 1862, and you will be able to find anything from flower bulbs, fresh seasonal flowers, even any kind of dried flowers. A real treat to the eyes, don’t flowers just make us feel so happy?


Visit some of the museums

The Netherlands has given birth to many well-known artists that we all know today: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and many more. You would need more than a day to explore all of the museums in Amsterdam, for sure. But here is a shortlist of what I think you’d need to visit if you only have a few hours to spend.

Rijksmuseum – the biggest, iconic museum in Amsterdam where you can explore the Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day. Every corner in this museum is just so beautiful, inside and outside. Don’t forget to also explore the garden! Or take your time to rest your feet for a while after all the long walk.


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Van Gogh Museum – this one needs no explanation. Immerse yourself in his bittersweet world.


Other museums that are worth a visit are the Hermitage (they always have a cool seasonal exhibition), Anne Frank House, Museum van Loon, Willet-Holthuysen Museum, and KattenKabinet ( this is a must-visit if you love cats!)

Vintage shopping

Just in case you still have some time left in the afternoon, make sure to check out some of the vintage stores in Amsterdam. My favorite ones are Episode Vintage (there have 3 shops in Amsterdam, make sure you check their locations on Google Map), Thriftshop Amsterdam, and Rumors Vintage.


A little pick-me-up

So now after all the exploration, you might feel a little bit tired and in need to fill up some energy. You can stop by Pluk for their healthy and super Instagrammable food and drinks!


Or stop for a coffee and apple pie in the Libertine cafe, perfect to unwind in its calm and cozy atmosphere.


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And if you are a fan of chocolate (I mean, who isn’t??) and strawberry, you need to visit Polaberry. Their chocolate-coated strawberries are so pretty that it almost feels sad to eat!


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Watching sunset from the pretty little canals

So now that it’s almost the end of the day. Take a little walk along the canals, because you don’t wanna miss the thing that makes Amsterdam so incredibly charming.


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Now you’re almost done! Fancy for a lovely dinner? Then you can check MamaKelly out for all the pink vibes! A sweet end of the day indeed.


There it is, one day in Amsterdam. So, see you soon?