15 Items Every Parisian Girl Has In Her Closet

Lately, we’ve talked a lot about capsule wardrobes- how to organize your closet, how to decide which items to keep and which to clean out. But we figured, what better way than by listing for you 15 absolutely essential closet items for that perfectly effortless Parisian style.

Creating that effortless feel to your outfit can be a lot harder than it looks. The key: quality. Picking items based on the quality of the fabric, the quality of the fit on your body, the quality of the print. Having everything fit properly makes getting dressed that much easier. Another thing to keep in mind is making sure most pieces in your wardrobe match one another. By doing so, you’ll be able to pair numerous different combinations of outfits with less items.

After a little research, we have narrowed down our list to 15 of our Must Have items for accomplishing the ultimate chic look. We can’t ensure you that these 15 items are the hottest trend on the market right now- because if you want to build a solid ground and to own an essential wardrobe you can forget about the word trend- these items are here to stay.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find you already own most of the items on this list, so let’s embrace the beautiful pieces you already have and make sure you pair them right. Whatever you don’t have you can complete later with our suggestions.

1. Straight Leg Jeans

a real vintage pair of jeans is an item that’s most worth investing in. They go with pretty much anything but, again, just make sure you find the perfect fit for you. For more detail about the ultimate straight leg jeans, you can check our denim piece. 

& Other Stories, Tapered Mid Rise Jeans
AGOLDE, Pinch Waist High Rise Kick Jeans

2. Blazer

You can’t go wrong with a blazer on. It’s perfect for any occasion and elevates every daily outfit. You can try the oversized version but if you are more conservative stick to a fitted one. About the color- Bordeaux, navy, grey, plaid, black, camel, beige, and white will mix great with pretty much all of the clothes in your closet.

& Other Stories, Seashell Button Oversized Blazer.
H&M, Long Jacket.

3. White Shirt

After you found your well fitted jeans, the next key item you need is a perfect white button-down. Wear them together and you are set with office outfits for the rest of the year.

H&M, V-neck Shirt.

4. Cardigan

For a chilly day outside you can cover yourself with a cute cardigan or try a riskier look by buttoning it over jeans without a shirt under. On the cardigan vibe, we can go a little crazier with the colors- pastels are always nice in the springtime and suit any white tee.

& Other Stories, Cropped Cardigan

5.Silk Slip Dress

I love silk dresses because just by a quick shoe change you can change the direction of the entire look. Slip dresses are perfectly versatile because they can be worn during the day or be dressed up for nicer events as well.

& Other Stories, Midi Slip Dress.

6. Ballerina Shoes

Parisians girl always prioritize comfort first, so flats are the most common ones but you can also go for the small heel choice. There are so many colors that you can play with, you can really buy what suits your clothes best. Ballet flats are timeless shoes and create such an elegant look.

H&M, Ballet Flats.

7. Denim Jacket

Who doesn’t love the denim on denim look? Always so cool and stylish. Beside that look you can pair it in so many ways, a denim jacket is such a versatile item.

Levi’s, Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket

8. Puff Sleeves Crop Top

We know it’s not so classy and not for all of you, but we decide to give some spice to the list and add one item that is really springish, fun and romantic with all these small ruffles. Give it a chance, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For Love & Lemons, Bleau Short Sleeve Top.
H&M, Seersucker Top.

9. Silk Midi Skirt

I think we are big fans of this fabric. There is something so magical about the brightness and flow of every silk item. We also love prints on silk midi skirts- super chic.

Free People, Normani Bias Skirt.

10. Stripes T-Shirt

You have to have the perfect striped tee. If you find a good one that fits you well, buy it in all the colors- black, white, grey and all kinds of stripes, you won’t regret it. It’s a great styling piece under coats or tucked into jeans.

H&M, Cotton T-shirt.

11. Cat Eye Shades

Small shades can add so much to complete a head to toe French vibe outfit, always gives the look an extra boost.

Le Specs x Adam Selman, The Last Lolita Sunglasses.

12. Shoulder bags

Small bags are so trendy right now, but that doesn’t stop them from being a good investment. You can go the vintage route or buy a new one; there are so many on our wish list.

Dior Black Canvas Saddle Mini Bag.

13. Floral Dress

Such a flattering and fun piece to have in your closet for vacation or days off. It’s also the perfect way to incorporate some prints and colors into your wardrobe. You can find more dresses on our floral dresses article as well.

& Other Stories, Ruffled Linen Wrap Midi Dress

14. Tailored Pants

A timeless item we all need in our closet, we’ve already been obsessing over them (you can check item), you should get at least two colors (we recommend white and beige and wear them all the time, we love them so much)

& Other Stories, Linen Blend Trousers.

15. Trench Coat

It might be a more wintery item on this list, but a classic item to have nonetheless. So if you happen to find one you like now, don’t hesitate to buy it now. it won’t be a waste because trench coats are always on point and a classic. If you feel like it, you can buy a navy or olive colored one, but if you ask me I’d go with the classic Burberry tan color.

H&M, Lightweight Trenchcoat.


Edits by: Ariela Levy