Must have: Top 4 skirts of summer 2018

Most people will agree that fall-winter seasons are the chicest of them all. When the weather gets cold, the faux fur coats and printed pants come out and layers are the name of the game. Unfortunately, fall-winter comes once in a year and the rest of the time we’re trying to make dresses look unique. Well, skirts are here to rescue the season! You can style them with countless types of t-shirts, blouses and vests; combine them with sneakers, boots and sandals, and when you wear a skirt you know that the more accessories the merrier.

It’s safe to say that 2018 is the year of skirts, and that’s why we chose the top 4 trends that you must try. There are many types of skirts with different prints and cuts, but these 4 are timeless, super chic and really easy to style.


1. Leopard print

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past few months, you probably bumped into this print during your Instagram cruise. Leopard print is definitely the new black, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere soon. now is the time to clear some space in your closet.


2. Crazy about denim

If you’re feeling kind of lazy and just want to wear something nice without thinking too much about it, this is the solution for you. Denim skirts are an all-time must have, that you can combine with absolutely everything. Whether you prefer mini denim skirts, midi or maxi, every cut will look cool.


3. Tie the knot

One of my favorite trends is knot skirts. The cut is flattering and almost always looks classy. You can wear it with an elegant blouse or a cool t-shirt and either way it will spin heads.


4. Skirt dot com

Remember what we wrote about the leopard print? Well, Dots print is not far behind. This print also took over influencer’s heart, especially the black and white dots. The fun skirt is perfect for summer, and makes everything look lighter and brighter.