Match Made In Heaven: 4 Tops Perfect For Any Tailored Pants

In the last couple of months, I started to follow some vintage store accounts and the deeper I dive into it, the more treasures I find. Collecting vintage items has been an obsession of mine for a while now. After finally getting my hands on my two favorite vintage purses, a Dior Saddle bag and a Fendi Baguette bag, it gave me some time to focus my attention on something else- clothing.

So back to the vintage store accounts, what makes them so addictive is the way they style the outfits. The way they pair everything makes it feel very approachable, giving you the idea that you can actually recreate the outfit from your own wardrobe. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the way they’re shooting and editing their photos grabs people’s attention. Let me explain what I mean. Have you realized, lately, how common detail shots have gotten all over Instagram? Everyone does it- yet it’s hard to tell why it’s so aesthetically attractive to all of us… I think it’s because in a world full of data when we see a clean background, shots which focus just on the clothes, it helps us clear our thoughts and make a good wardrobe investment.


Most of these accounts are posting only detail shots from the neck area down to the hips area. One of the main things you’ll need for the perfect pic is a high-waist bottom and a vintage belt. Our go to: tailored pants. A tailored pant is a must-have item in any minimalist closet. You can always count on them, from creating a luxurious look to even turning the vacay mood on. For the summer, I’ll recommend getting a beige or white pair. And of course to complete the timeless look, fabric choice. Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are essential.

Ok, tailored pants: check. On the upper part, there are many more options to explore. The smart tailoring look is so versatile and fun. Continue to discover which tops are suitable to create the ultimate summer vacation mood.

An oversized shirt is definitely the best styling idea. You can go for a safari look with big pockets and brown buttons or go for a more romantic vibe with a thin silk satin shirt. Another important factor is the sleeves- the puffier the better. To complete the look, put on a gold neckless and a brown crocodile belt with a big buckle and you are good to go.

PAIGE, Sevilla Thong Bodysuit
& Other Stories, Croco Leather Belt
H&M, Tie-hem Blouse
& Other Stories, Compass Pendant Necklace
& Other Stories, Double Breasted Satin Blouse
H&M, Blouse with Buttons

Another detail that can create a nice and expensive look is a nice ribbed/knit basic top. The white ribbed tank top is extremely trendy, but there are some other options as well. BTW I know it doesn’t seem ideal to wear knitted pieces in the summertime but it’ll look super chic and if the AC is on you should be fine.

& Other Stories, Fitted Racer Back Tank Top
& Other Stories, Ribbed Tank Top
H&M, Knit Sweater
RE/DONE, Ribbed Tank

We’ve been working so hard in the yoga classes, let’s show some skin. A small crop top is an option for your weekends or after work drink or vacation, but if you do want to go to your office dressing up like this, you can put on an oversized blazer and cover-up.

& Other Stories, Plaid Cotton Blend Corset Top
H&M, Short Top

On days when you feel like changing up your old tee, you can swap it with an oversized or fitted T-shirt, whatever’s more flatting for you.

& Other Stories, Boxy Organic Cotton Tee


Edits by: Ariela Levy